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October 28, 2012
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Request for ThexDarkenedXLight.~

By the way, I just saw how awesome she is. Her cosplays. Just-- a;dkjlaksfjakfs. I feel honored.


~ ~

Oh no.

You groaned as you saw HIM walking into YOUR favorite bar. The person- No, wait, COUNTRY and self-proclaimed king of Europe that has been bugging you for at least two months straight already.

Mathias Køhler.

He took the empty seat next to you and grinned. ''I see you're still ignoring me~?'' You simply glared at him. This guy just couldn't pick up hints, could he? You sighed deeply. ''How much will it take me to tell you that I don't like you, I don't 'love' you, if that's even possible, and I don't want to go out with you. What do you not understand in those words?'' He smiled even more. ''A lot, since you didn't shake me off just yet.''

You were about to smack him, when he interrupted you. ''Tell you what. You'll go out on ONE date with me, and if you still don't love me afterwards, which is almost impossible, I promise to never ever bother you again.'' You frowned. One date... That couldn't be so bad, right? Plus, afterwards, you could just tell him he's a dick and ditch him! ''I... I'll consider it.''

''Great! That's a yes~!''


''I'll pick you up at 9 A.M. tomorrow~!''


Aaand he was gone. You growled in annoyance, slammed some money down on the counter and walked home, angry at yourself and that stupid Dane.

~ ~

That lazy bastard won't even get up that early. You angrily thought, and started brushing your teeth. He's a good-for-nothing alcoholic jerk. I can't expect more from him than him getting drunk at the end of the day and me dragging him home. Quickly spraying some deo on yourself and brushing your hair, you picked some clothes for the day. But if I know for sure he's so useless, why did I get up early anyway?

''Yo, _________!!'' Recognizing Mathias' voice outside, you peeked out of the window. Sure, there he was. You opened the window.


''Hurry up! I'll need all day! So come on!''

''Stick that 'hurry up' up in your ass, idiot.'' And with that, you closed the window again and slowly prepared for the day, ignoring Mathias' impatient yells.

~ ~

''...The Zoo? Really?''

You stared at his grinning face. ''Yeah! There's something I wanna show ya.'' He dragged you along trough the whole zoo, towards the carnivores.

THE ZOO. REALLY?! He could've picked something a LITTLE MORE romantic!! Your thoughts were interrupted by his voice.

''Look there. Between the lions.''

You squinted your eyes and gasped as you saw them. Three lion cubs were playing around in the grass. Being absolutely adorable.

Mathias smirked and started dragging you off. ''H-hey! I didn't finish looking at them yet--'' ''Here, take this.~'' He pulled a shirt over your clothes and pushed three bottles of milk in your arms. ''Mathias- Hey!'' He took your hand and walked into the lion's territory. You gasped and held your breath. What the hell is he thinking?! Slowly, the lions advanced towards the two of you. ''Whatdidyoudoomgwe'regoingtodiethesearefreakingcarnivores!!'' You squeaked as the male lion sniffled on your clothes and hands. He let out a low growl before flopping down in the grass, appareantly a sign of approval. The lionesses joined him and gently pushed their cubs in front of you, looking at you in expectation.

''This... This is impossible.'' (A/N: Yes, it is. Luckily, this is a Reader-Insert, so anything is possible~! Hip hip, hooray!)

''C'mon, I didn't give you those bottles for nothing!'' Mathias pulled you down in the grass next to him, then carefully picked up one of the cubs, took one of your bottles and started feeding it. ''You take the other two.'' A bit dazed, you did as you were told, holding the two fuzzballs in place as they eagerly drunk the milk.

''The lionesses aren't able to feed the cubs, so we need to do it by hand.''

''I didn't know you actually cared for something.'' You mumbled, struggling a bit to keep the little lions calm.

He let out a laugh and sat down behind you, reaching to your arms- practically making it a hug. He took your hands before you could protest and kept the cubs silent as they finsihed their milk. You felt pretty secure in his strong, skilled arms and unconsciously scooted a bit closer to him. He smirked and released the cubs when the bottles were empty, then hugged you tightly, causing you to blush.''Mathias!! Let go of me! There are people watching!'' He only laughed. ''I know.~ I'll release you if you gimme a kiss.'' He quickly turned you around, grabbing hold of your hands.

''Wha- That's unfair! You're blackmailing me!''

''I know~!'' He said in a sing-song voice and smirked at you as you struggled in his arms and tried to ignore the wholf-whistling crowd.

''FINE!'' You gave him a very quick kiss on his lips and blushed even more as you got up and the crowd started laughing and clapping.

~ ~

''So this is your 'job?''' You asked a while later, during lunchbreak.

''Yep. I'm the headkeaper of the cats.'' Mathias took a sip of his beer and smiled. ''Not everyone is supposed to know I'm a country, after all. Besides, I wanted a cool job. I seem to be handling dangerous thing pretty good. And wrestling with tigers is pretty cool, right~?''


''Okay, okay, playing around. Stop taking things so seriously, ________. Live a little!'' You huffed and took a bite of your doughnut. ''I think you live a little too much.''

''Admit it, feeding the cubs was pretty awesome.''

''...They were cute.'' You mumbled and glared at him. ''Don't look so angry, _________. Don't think I didn't notice you scooting into my romantic embrace.~'' Blushing, you threw the remnants of your food at his face- which he dodged, unfortunately. ''I-I did not!'' He just smiled a lovingly at you.

He actually looks pretty cute like that.

Wait, WHAT??

Come on, ________, stick to the plan!!

Ditch him, remember?

But he was so caring about those lions... Maybe he cares about me like that...

NO HE DOESN'T!! He's MATHIAS KØHLER! The infamous, handsome, good-looking alcoholic!

''Helloooo? Earth to ________!'' Said infamous handsome good-looking alcoholic waved a hand in front of your face. ''Y'alright? You're kinda spacing out. What'd they put in those doughnuts, Iggy's cooking?'' Chuckling, you shook your head. ''I was just thinking.'' He took hold of your hand and started dragging you off once again. ''Well, you don't have time to think. It's time to feed the cheeta's!''

~ ~

''Man, I'm pooped...'' You sighed and walked trough the streets of Kopenhagen. Mathias grinned. ''What's the matter, can't handle the awesomeness of today?'' Smacking him on his head, you huffed and shook your head. ''I'll have to admit, it was fun.'' During the day, you had learned more about Mathias. He wasn't really that bad underneath his shell of 'awesomeness'. ''Hey, there's our bar! Come on, let's go!''

''Mathias... I'm tired, I can't feel my feet, I just wanna go home...''

''Drink's on me.''


After ordering your drinks and sitting down at a table, a silence fell.

Shit, now what. I actually had a wonderful day. He isn't even that bad. It might not be love, but... Maybe?

No. Wait. Plan. Ditch him. But...

He looked at you and flashed a toothy smile, looking way too adorable.

Screw the plan.

''...Hey, Mathias? I want to... thank you. I had a fun day after all.'' You quietly started, staring in his sparkling blue eyes. ''Heh. I'd like to say 'I told you' right now, but I suppose an 'I love you' would fit better.'' The dim light of the candle and the soft music on the background made you feel a bit fuzzy inside. ''I... I love you too...'' You mumbled, realizing it actually felt good saying that to him. ''I think I really do.'' He didn't waste his time and leaned over the table, placing a gentle kiss on your lips. Just when he pulled back, you grabbed his collar and kissed him back, ignoring the yells and whistles of the others in the bar.

''I love you, Mathias Køhler.''

''Love ya too, __________.''

~ ~

It was 23:47 p.m. as Mathias ran up some hill in the outskirts of the city, urging you to follow him. You panted a bit as you finally reached the top, and smiled at the beautiful view. The whole city was nothing more but thousands of lights, some moving and in different colours. ''It's started to snow.'' Mathias noticed, looking up at the slightly clouded sky. ''It's getting colder as well- Hey!'' He hugged you tight to his chest, resting his chin on your head. ''Better~?''

''Just a bit.'' Smiling, you hugged him back. A clock in the distance rang. ''It's officially a new day.''


''You won after all.''



''Wanna sleep with me tonight? Your house is on the other side of the city and-'' He cut you off with a kiss. ''Of course I will.''

As the two of you walked down the hill towards the house, the snow became thicker and soon started to cover the city.

''I didn't mean having sex with 'sleeping with me', by the way.''

''WHAT?!? B-BUT THAT'S NOT FAIR!! You tricked me!''

''''I know~! You mad?''


~ ~

The End.~
Request for zhe lovely :iconthexdarkenedxlight:

Yesh. Again, not really happy with the ending BUT WHATEVS ENJOY.~



wait for it...

NUTELLA!! :iconnutellaplz:

Oh and DARY!!
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My favorite parts were the ending...

.....And the Nutella
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i love the ending :D
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I really love the end too! It's very funny xDD
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